Corporate Events & Team Experiences

Corporate team experiences offer a unique way to build your team.

Corporate Events

We'll come to your event! Tired of the egg toss and dunking for apples? Want a unique and exciting activity at your next company picnic or corporate event? Have the flying trapeze brought to your venue. Everyone will have a chance to fly on the trapeze and by the end of the event we can put on a show where your guests are the stars!

Corporate Team Experiences

Tell your boss to take a flying leap! Corporate team experiences have never been more unique! Participants won't believe they will actually have the chance to experience the flying trapeze and other circus arts, just like they've seen performed in professional circuses. In a non-competitive environment, participants will have to take risks, trust strangers, conquer fears, and more. The experience is different for everyone, depending on one's background, but everybody leaves with much more than they came.

Please give us a call at (510) 419-0700 to discuss what your corporate development needs might be. We are confident that Trapeze Arts can help your team become more productive, personally and professionally, through our corporate experiences.